tren +90 (530) 786 14 24 Mecidiyeköy, Honeycomb Business Center, Atakan Sk. No:7 Kat:6 D:22, Şişli/İST
tren +90 (530) 786 14 24 Mecidiyeköy, Honeycomb Business Center, Atakan Sk. No:7 Kat:6 D:22, Şişli/İST

Not the same surgery for everyone. The right treatment for the right person.

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Free examination and control after the surgery for two years

We welcome you at our Sisli Istanbul Obesity Academy Center not only for the pre-inteviews before the surgery, we welcome you at this center with the 2 years ongoing processes including controls and examinations as well.

Not the Same Surgery for Everyone,
The Right Treatment for the Right Person

Obesity and metabolic surgery operations are not uniform. After detailed examinations and pre-interviews, you and your doctor should decide on the method that will treat you permanently.

Why Dr. Bora Koc?

Not only a type of surgery based on your BMI values is decided in Istanbul Obesity Academy. A permanent treatment is essential.

You can reach Bora Koc and his team 24/7 in the close process which begins right after the surgery.

After surgery no fee is charged for your controls and examinations for 2 years.

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation is aimed with the support of a dietitian, psychologist and doctor with personal diet and personal psychotherapy sessions.

Who Is Dr. Bora Koc?

Dr. Bora Koc who is a specialist in metabolic and obesity surgeries has been helping patients all around the World lose weight. Mainly Turkey followed by Australia, United States, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates and from many more countries, who are  faced with obesity issues and decide to solve this with weight loss surgery can always get treatment by Dr. Bora Koc.

According to the report of the World Health Organization, obesity is one of the most important healtg issues of the World and if you have tried different methods for solving this issue but did not succeed you can consider weight loss surgery option, and you can choose Dr. Bora Koc as an expert. Dr. Koc, who had written a lot of articles about weight loss surgery, metabolic surgery and general surgeries, is the first name that comes to mind for your weight loss process.

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What is the Body Mass Index?

The Height Weight Index or Body Mass Index is a value which shows the estimated amount of fat in your body.

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