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What Should You Eat and Pay Attention To In The First Two Weeks After The Operation?


I don’t know what to do in the first two weeks after the surgery?

It is really not easy to start a new life and get rid of habits. During this period, you can mix everything, but fluid and protein intake should not be forgotten. If you put losing weight surgeries at the center of your life, this process will be more complicated and challenging. If we assume that most patients do not even use painkillers after leaving the hospital, your return to your same social life is the first step of success.

Use your prescribed medication: When you are discharged from the hospital, you will be given a simple prescription consisting of stomach protectors-acid secretion suppressants-antibiotics-painkillers. You will continue to use them until your next check-up which is one week later. You will be told whether you will use the medicines you have used before or not. During your check-ups, vitamin supplement will be advised if it’s needed.

Balance fluid intake:  The average daily fluid intake should be between 1500-1750 ml. This amount may increase in types of surgery that affect absorption. Dark urine color, dizziness when standing up, arm-leg pains and nausea may be clues of less fluid intake and this situation should be aware of. During the hospitalization period, some vitamins should be added to intravenous fluids.

Have protein-rich food: It is very important to use protein concentrates in the process of rapid weight loss. It should be started at the appropriate dose of protein concentrate which is approved by your doctor. The appropriate use of the protein concentrate is to drink it slowly and spread it throughout the day. This provides an easy intake and prevents liver function overload. By balancing the daily protein intake, tissue recovery should be provided and muscle breakdown should be prevented.

You can take a bath: Your stitches are hidden and aesthetic, the tapes on it remain for 1 week and you can take a bath during this process. You should not remove your tapes and just to dry them is enough.

Exercise can strain since you are not taking enough calories: During this period in which you don’t get enough calories, it will be more appropriate to spend your energy for your daily activities.